Porcelain Cog | SFAI 17 – 27 May ’19

This work is inspired by historic wooden cogs from the Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum, in St. Austell, UK. The wooden cogs are hand-made positives from which steel cogs were fabricated using sand casting techniques at the nearby Charlestown Foundry. The resulting cogs formed components for the drilling and water pump systems used to mine and sift out impurities from the clay.

I was interested in casting the object using the very material the cog was designed to process (kaolin, the primary component of porcelain), to create a feedback loop between product and tool. 3D printing techniques were used to create positives for the plaster molds for this process, drawing connections between contemporary and historic industrial processes and materials.


Recent work this summer at SFAI Fort Mason explores the transformation of mass-produced materials such as foam and polystyrene, materials usually associated with local and global transportation, into porcelain, wax and plaster, with an interest in one material taking on the appearance of or masquerading as another.

Introducing elements from the mould-making and casting process back into the work aims to blur distinctions between producer, process and product, creating ambiguity between the finished object, the casting process and the original material.

Using stacked dry wall, an industrial material normally used in construction, as a slip-mould for casting porcelain produced a texture referencing the brutalist architecture of SFAI.

Percussive Excavation | 8 – 20 April 2018

Percussive Excavation at the Doha Fire Station presents experimental works utilizing industrial processes, digital technologies and local resources. It is the outcome of a VCUArts Qatar Faculty Research Grant and features work from Thomas Modeen, Michael Perrone and Ben Barbour.

Clockwise from left: plaster cast from polystyrene with rubber mould; 12 marble piece from polystyrene; porcelain sections with green silicon mould; general layout of artworks.

Found object assemblages

Work produced in response to walks around construction sites and places marked for demolition in areas adjacent to my studio in Doha, Qatar. During the walks I collect discarded materials, such as polystyrene packaging, ‘Geofoam’ offcuts, coloured insulation foam and corrugated metal sheeting. Back in the studio these objects are combined, dissected, cast, drawn and photographed, with an interest in how they allude to architectural spaces, or become transformed into something new through these processes, standing as models or maquettes for larger works.

6_Blue, white, woodAssemblage from materials found on the construction site, 9 x 13 x 12cm (top); mixed media drawing, 40 x 29.7 (below)

4_Foam blue and pinkAssemblages from discarded blue and pink insulation foam, 14 x 8 x 20 cm (left); mixed media drawing, 40 x 29.7cm (right)

5_Corrugated plasterGypsum cast using a mould made with discarded corrugated metal sheets, 22 x 17 x 15 cm