Shadow Intervention #1

Sketchbook and phoneTimed sketchbook drawing and mobile phone time-lapse video, 25 July ’16

A time-lapse video shot using an i-phone App recorded shadows moving across a blank wall in the early evening, whilst an observational drawing was produced simultaneously of the scene. The intention was to compare how the human eye sees, selects and records visual information differently to a camera.

The wall onto which shadows are cast is the west facade of the Mission Bay Parking structure at 450 South Street, San Francisco, owned by Alexandria Real Estate Equities, designed and constructed by WRNS and Overaa Construction, 2009. The structure has an abstract geometric stucco design on the south facade; perforated aluminum panels veil the north and east facade. The west facade has been left purposefully blank- a research centre is planned for the adjacent allotment, the construction of which would hide the existing wall.

hold 9 – 24 Apr ’16


NO FORMAT Gallery, Harrington Way, Woolwich, London SE18 5NR

A collaborative pilot exhibition examining contemporary migration of goods, ideas and people. Through drawing, print and sculptural installation, Barbour, Byers and Chiu narrate conflicts of identity within historical frameworks.