Noon Reports: Qatar to South Hook

20 July – 8 Aug ’13

LNG Tanker schematics

In a residency as part of the QatarUK 2013 Year of Culture, Ben travelled onboard the ‘Al Karaana’ Q-Flex LNG tanker from Ra’s Laffan, Qatar, to the South Hook terminal in Milford Haven, South Wales, documenting the twenty-day journey through a series of drawings. The residency drew parallels between Qatar’s current industry of natural resources and its former pearl fishing industry, with the route of the tanker being a modern equivalent to the historic pearl trade routes that connected Qatar and the UK.

NR Web 2

NR web

Daily postings were uploaded to the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture blog during the journey.

The work produced on the journey was exhibited in solo-exhibitions titled ‘Noon Reports: Qatar to South Hook’ at the Katara Cultural Village, Qatar in Oct ’13, and at the Waterfront Gallery in Milford Haven, Wales in Dec ’13. Prints were shown at the QatarUK 2013 Pavillion at the Doha Book Fair, Qatar in Dec ’13.

NR film

Qatar to South Hook short film


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